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Hello and welcome to my campaign, my goal for this is to start from a blank slate, to pre-generate very little if anything and allow my players agency in the development of this world, goals and objectives will be set by the GM as usual but these can be guided or suggested by the players when it makes sense.

Each player will of course generate their own player characters, each will go through recruitment unless a player really wants to be firmly established in the Inquisitors company, the more rooted in the world the players character is the better, as this will no doubt add depth and possibly provide advantage or wonderful disadvantage.

You choose a gun-cutter pilot trained on the job by your old flight-master Bob, you may have some influence amoung the fly-boys of your local culture or perhaps you lost a craft and suffer the ire of your comrades.

Of course a blank-slate approach is possible for a PC also, some people would like to develop backstory along the road, dropping in the middle of a session “Yeah I was trained by Flight-Master Bob Bobson, made me into what I am today, an average pilot but an excellent demagogue… and drinker”, no problem! suddenly your character can fly that plane you found and badly need to get up in the air or carouse like a war dog (spend xp!)

I will be following the first rule of gaming, the rule of cool, if it’s cool and doesn’t break anything, sure lets do it!

So yeah, not much to plan, but alot to discover.

Thought of the Day: He who studies the warp, is in turn studied by it

Home Page

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